Border Security

Farm Bureau believes we must secure the border of the United States by the most technologically advanced means possible and with minimal impact on farmers and ranchers. This includes increased presence and cooperation of all branches of law enforcement and increased penalties for illegal entry and drug and human trafficking into the U.S.

Farm Bureau also believes the most critical component of border security is to fix the immigration system – including creating legal ways for agricultural workers to enter the country to fill jobs. Our government should focus on preventing those with real criminal intent from entering our country, rather than wasting time and resources locking up farm workers. As long as there is demand in the U.S. for farm workers, hard-working people will continue to enter the U.S. to earn a living for themselves and their families back home. Creating a legal way for them to do so, and a way to know who they are and what they’re doing while they are here, makes us more secure.

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