Impact of COVID-19 on Agriculture

AFBF Policy on Climate Change

Farm Bureau supports the following: 

  •  Alternative energy sources, which will minimize atmospheric pollution; 
  •  Market-based solutions, rather than federal or state emission limits, being used to achieve a reduction in GHG emissions from any sources; 
  •  EPA’s re-evaluation of burdensome emission control rules for farming practices, farm equipment, cotton gins, grain handling facilities, etc.; and 
  •  The inclusion of the agricultural community as a full partner in the development of any policy or legislation. 

Farm Bureau would oppose: 

  •  Climate change legislation that establishes mandatory cap-and-trade provisions; 
  •  Climate change legislation that is not fair, affordable or achievable; 
  •  Any law or regulation requiring the reporting of any GHG emissions by an agricultural entity; 
  •  Any climate change legislation that would make America less competitive in the global marketplace and put undue costs on American agriculture, business and consumers; 
  •  Any climate change legislation until other countries meet or exceed U.S. requirements; 
  •  Any regulation of GHG by EPA; 
  •  Any attempt to regulate methane emissions from livestock under the Clean Air Act or any other legislative vehicle; and 
  •  Taxes on carbon uses or emissions. 

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