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12th Class of Women’s Communications Boot Camp Announced

News / FBNews June 8, 2018

Farm Bureau Women’s Communications Boot Camp will be held July 22-25 at the AFBF office in Washington, D.C. Fifteen women have been selected from 50 applicants to participate in intensive training to build skills needed to communicate about agriculture and for Farm Bureau. Members of the class will enhance their leadership and advocacy skills, preparing them to comfortably and strategically address Farm Bureau priority issues.

Members of the class are: Constance Hass, Colorado; Chyla Wilson, Idaho; Krista Swanson, Illinois; Patricia Lange Fischer, Indiana; Michele Simoneaux, Louisiana; Cynthia Johnson, Montana; Elaine Moore, New Hampshire; Casey Spradley, New Mexico; Johanna Bossard, New York; Jane Lee Rankin, North Carolina; Victoria Flowers, Oregon; Colbie Niswander, Tennessee; Laura Purtle, Tennessee; Sherrie Lou Staheli Tate, Utah; and Tammy Wiedenbeck, Wisconsin.

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The Agriculture Department has announced a limited opening of a select number of county Farm Service Agency offices for three days only for limited services related to select farm operating and farm ownership loans, and to work on processing 1099s related to these loans.

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The challenge farmers and ranchers in western states have when it comes to public lands has its roots back in the revolutionary war, when states were fighting for self-governance, according to George Wentz Jr., a partner in the Davillier Law Group, who presented at the American Farm Bureau (AFBF)’s 100th Annual Convention in New Orleans.

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