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AFBF Econ Team Delivers February 2017 Livestock Market Update

News / FBNews February 27, 2017

In her latest livestock market report, Dairy Exports Pop in Fourth Quarter, AFBF economist Katelyn McCullock explains that while dairy exports were sluggish throughout most of 2016, exports ramped up significantly September through December.

Most notable was the increase in butter and fats derived from milk. This climbed over 200 percent in October, and over 100 percent from last year in November and September.

Also in this month’s report, McCulllock notes that expected increased world production could potentially mean greater competition for U.S. dairy products, but it will likely depend on conditions in other parts of the world, particularly those that export large volumes.

Download the full February 2017 Livestock Market Update Below

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Credit: AFBF 

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