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AFBF Launches Stress and Mental Health Resources Directory

News / Newsline May 4, 2021

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The American Farm Bureau Federation this week announced a directory of resources for farmers and ranchers struggling with stress and mental health. Chad Smith shares more about the resources and where you can find them.

Smith: National research polls conducted by the American Farm Bureau Federation in 2019 and 2021 showed the need for resources to help farmers with stress and mental health challenges. Jessica Cabrera, Farm Bureau Managing Director of Member Engagement, says those surveys led the organization to create a directory of resources available online.

Cabrera: In recognition of May as Mental Health Month, we have launched a comprehensive, easy to use online directory of resources for farmers, ranchers and their families who are experiencing stress and mental health challenges. The directory features resources in every U.S. state and Puerto Rico. Listings for crisis support, counseling and behavioral health resources that are available nation-wide are also included in the directory.

Smith: Cabrera says the goal of the directory is to kickstart conversations about stress and mental health in rural communities.

Cabrera: We want to encourage conversations about stress and mental health in farming and ranching communities and raise awareness that those who are struggling do not need to suffer alone. We have a motto that we are stronger together, and we really do believe that’s the case with addressing these very, ever-present needs that are in our communities right now.

Smith: She says it’s important to share these resources to reach everyone who needs them.

Cabrera: It’s wonderful to have great resources available to us, but if people do not know that they’re available then it’s really not going to make the impact. So, right now, we would love for people to share this information so that we can get the word out and those people who are in need can get the help that they need.

Smith: Find the resources online at Chad Smith, Washington.

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