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AFBF to Celebrate Volunteers Across Farm Country

News / Newsline April 15, 2021

Credit: New Hampshire Farm Bureau  

The American Farm Bureau Federation will celebrate Farm Bureau County Leader Week, coinciding with National Volunteer Week. Micheal Clements shares how you, too, can celebrate and get involved in your community.

Clements: The American Farm Bureau Federation encourages farmers and ranchers to get involved and volunteer in their community as part of Farm Bureau County Leader Week and National Volunteer Week, April 19-23. David Hafner, a Florida farmer and current county Farm Bureau president, says it’s important farmers volunteer in their community.

Hafner: The general population has really lost connections with the farms and they don’t really understand now where their food comes from and the fiber they wear. So, for farmers to volunteer, it’s really an opportunity to build a relationship with the people in the community.

Clements: Hafner says doing so can be as simple as just saying yes.

Hafner: We need leaders in agriculture now more than ever before. It’s not the size of your operation that matters, it’s the size of your heart that will make you a true leader. Say yes when you’re asked to pull the parade float with your tractor, say yes when you’re asked to join the extension advisory committee, say yes when you are asked to give your testimony before the county commission meeting. By saying yes, you’re opening yourself up to opportunities. And these opportunities are not only going to benefit the organizations to which you are giving your time, but they are going to benefit you.

Clements: To celebrate Farm Bureau County Leader Week and to help farmers get involved, Farm Bureau is offering a series of webinars next week.

Hafner: It’s starts with just how to be a board member, and then it goes into what does it really takes to lead a county Farm Bureau. There is another session on planning to make sure you have your focus in the right place. Another session is focused on advocacy and policy development. And then finally, it wraps up with your membership cycle.

Clements: Find the webinar series online at Micheal Clements, Washington.

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