AFBF’s Duvall to Fox Business News: Farmers Need Trade Deals Finished

News / In The News May 29, 2019

Credit: US Naval War College 

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall appeared on Fox Business News’ Varney & Co. to discuss the Trump administration’s trade assistance package.

“The President continues to stand behind his commitment to be with the farmers,” said Duvall. “Farmers really want to get their income from the market place, but to do that we have to finish some trade deals.”

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Rising fuel prices are putting growing pressure on farmers and ranchers as they grapple with increased costs of growing food and fiber.

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Credit: Illinois Farm Bureau, Used With Permission 

The lack of an organization that provided mental health services geared toward the agricultural population in the state prompted the Illinois Farm Bureau to partner with various mental health groups to provide mental health information and resources to farm families across the state.

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