Agritourism and Education Coming Soon to Mobile Devices Everywhere

News / Newsline July 21, 2022

Credit: Oregon Farm Bureau member Barb Iverson 

The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture is working on a new mobile phone application that will put agriculture at America’s fingertips. Chad Smith has more on the American Farm Trail App.

Smith: The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture is working on developing the American Farm Trail app. Daniel Meloy, executive director of the Foundation, says the mobile app will automatically connect users with agricultural venues that welcome visitors.

Meloy: These could be farms that rely on agritourism, like pick your own or you-pick operations, apple orchards, berry farms, or farms that host school field trips or interested families, people who just want to learn about and experience agriculture firsthand. We'll be linking the Foundation's educational resources in the app so that the user can go to an apple orchard and link to our resources that are all about apples so they can learn even more.

Smith: The application will be geo-located so users can open it up to find venues that are close to them. Any farm or agritourism venue that welcomes visitors should submit their information for this app.

Meloy: It's free for the farms and agritourism venues, so we make that easy. Plus, each farm on the app gets to control their own content, how they describe their sites, and their hours of operation. We're working on making it as easy as possible for that content to be entered.

Smith: Meloy says signing up for the American Farm Trail App will be a simple process.

Meloy: We know that farmers are busy, and there's never enough time in the day, so ease of use is important for us. But any farm or agritourism venue that wants to get people onto their farm should definitely register for the app.

Smith: To register, go to Chad Smith, Washington.

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