Bloomberg: Agriculture Continues to Support the Trump Administration

News / In The News July 17, 2018

American Farm Bureau Federation’s Will Rodger was quoted in a Bloomberg article on agriculture’s continued general support for the Trump administration during the current trade war, even when the industry has and will continue to see detrimental effects. “President Donald Trump’s trade disputes with China, Mexico and Canada are already eroding the value of American agricultural production, with soybean growers alone expected to lose at least $3.2 billion during the next crop season,” noted Bloomberg.

Rodger, director of policy communications at AFBF, discussed agriculture’s support. “At least for now, support for Trump persists among farmers who have ‘concern and some worry’ about where trade may be heading, said Will Rodger, spokesman for Farm Bureau in Washington,” explained Bloomberg.

“Donald Trump is president of the United States and he’s the man many of them voted for,” Rodger told Bloomberg. “It’s not panic.”

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