Bloomberg: Business and Farm Groups Urge Trump to Drop Mexico Tariff Plan

News / In The News June 10, 2019

Credit: US Naval War College 

Bloomberg mentioned American Farm Bureau Federation in an article on the need to hold off on imposing tariffs on Mexico. Last week AFBF joined more than 100 agriculture groups and businesses in signing a letter to President Donald Trump urging him not to impose the tariffs.

According to a statement issued by the groups, “’Tariffs on Mexican imports would harm U.S. consumers, workers, farmers and businesses of all sizes across all sectors, making us less competitive and undermining efforts to negotiate strong trade deals in the future,’” noted Bloomberg. “The statement was made by groups including the American Farm Bureau Federation, soybean and corn growers’ groups, pork producers, a group representing major technology companies, the National Retail Federation and several municipal and state-level chambers of commerce.”

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