Christian Science Monitor: From Hemp to Organic Foods, Farm Bill Embraces Change in Rural U.S.

News / In The News December 13, 2018

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The Christian Science Monitor quoted Dale Moore, AFBF’s executive vice president, in an article about the 2018 farm bill.  In regard to non-traditional agricultural production, Moore told the Monitor that “The farm bill is becoming more flexible to provide a reasonable amount of support” to those farmers.

The ongoing trade war with China is the reason the new bill combines some existing export-promotion programs, noted CSM. “The money is not significantly more, but the secretary [of agriculture] has been given some flexibility” to create new markets for U.S. farm goods, Moore said. “It gives us some hope” that the U.S. can begin to make up for the potential loss of Chinese markets, he added. 

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A Farm Bureau-backed bill would help timber farmers recover from natural disasters by increasing the amount of financial relief provided by the casualty loss tax deduction.

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The American Farm Bureau joined 20 other agriculture groups to form Farmers for a Sustainable Future.

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