Deadline Nears for Dairy Industry Conference

News / FBNews September 21, 2022

Credit: Mark Stebnicki, North Carolina Farm Bureau 
Credit: AFBF   

Farmers, processors, exporters and many others involved in the dairy industry will gather in Kansas City Oct. 14-16 to discuss solutions to Federal Milk Marketing Order (FMMO) shortfalls.

Hosted by the American Farm Bureau Federation and open to people involved in all segments of the dairy sector, the Federal Milk Marketing Order Forum consists of four half-day segments.

“Each of those segments will start with a panel of industry leaders and expert speakers who will discuss specific dairy policies, like Class I pricing issues. And that will be followed by a corresponding roundtable session during which all of our attendees will engage with each other directly to share ideas and thoughts,” explained Danny Munch, AFBF economist.

Along with Class I pricing issues, the other topics that will be covered include the origins and purposes of FMMOs, Class III and Class IV pricing issues, and simplifying FMMOs.

“We have a really strong program for the conference, with several professors as panelists, including Dr. Marin Bozic from the University of Minnesota and Dr. Chris Wolf from Cornell University. We also have the Deputy Administrator of USDA-Agricultural Marketing Service’s Dairy Program Dana Coale, joining us, as well as representatives of Schreiber Foods, Kroger, Land O’Lakes and several cooperatives,” Munch said.

Registration is open to all involved in the dairy industry through the Federal Milk Marketing Order Forum website. The deadline for hotel reservations is Sept. 23. From the website participants can also view the agenda and secure lodging.

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