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Farm Bureau Driving Safety Home During Ag Safety Awareness Program Week

News / Newsline March 2, 2021

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The American Farm Bureau Federation is reminding farmers and ranchers about the importance of safety and health as part of Ag Safety Awareness Program Week. Micheal Clements shares how Farm Bureau is helping keep farmers and ranchers and their communities safe during planting season and throughout the year.

Clements: This week is Ag Safety Awareness Program Week, and the American Farm Bureau along with state Farm Bureau organizations are promoting safety for farmers and ranchers. Maggie Good, AFBF Member Engagement Director, says Farm Bureau members throughout the country are participating in the effort, through the theme Driving Safety Home.

Good: Each day of the week has a different theme to share resources and different messages around. So, I know a lot of our state Farm Bureau’s have teamed up with their volunteer programs to make sure that they are including their members in getting out health and safety messages and getting personal stories worked into that.

Clements: Good says farm safety and health extends beyond the usual conversations of safety around machinery and in the field.

Good: Wednesday’s theme is general farmer wellness. It can cover a whole variety of things as far as getting a normal checkup every year and making sure you’re up to date on all the vaccinations that you need. Thursday, we’re talking about mental health. American Farm Bureau has the Farm State of Mind webpage on our website, it’s got a ton of great resources about mental health and also gives them the tools they need when someone in their circle is struggling.

Clements: Good says Ag Safety Awareness Program Week offers important reminders to all of rural America.

Good: It not only serves as a reminder to farmers and ranchers to keep themselves and their families safe during planting season and into the warmer months, but it also serves as a reminder to motorist that there’s going to be slow moving farm machinery on the road. And by taking their part to slow down, they’re not only getting themselves and their families home safely, but they’re also making sure that our farmers and ranchers can get a safe and abundant food source on their table.

Clements: Find Ag Safety Awareness Week resources online at Micheal Clements, Washington. 

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