Impact of COVID-19 on Agriculture

Farm Bureau Expands its Mental Health Awareness Campaign

News / In The News March 3, 2020

American Farm Bureau is combining its Rural Resilience Program with Bayer's Farm State of Mind Program.

Farm Progress reports: “Put yourself in the position of the young farmer coming into an industry early, like 2011 or 2012 with good commodity prices, starting with all kinds of excitement and energy, and then having the rug pulled out from under you,” Zippy Duvall says. “We have to really pay attention, not only to all our farmers, but especially those young farmers who are totally stressed and have not had the opportunity to experience this before.”

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Behind every devastating drop in cattle, corn, ethanol and other crop futures, there are farm and ranch families with suddenly shaky futures.

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From dairy farmers with nowhere to send their milk and cattle ranchers reeling from plummeting beef prices, the impact of the coronavirus is rippling through farm country. Corn, cotton and soybean futures have tumbled, ethanol plants have been idled, and some fruit and vegetable farmers are finding their best option is leaving produce in the field.

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