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Farmers Press Lawmakers on Farm Bill

News / FBNews November 15, 2018

Credit: cjuneau / CC BY 2.0 

With less than 20 days left on the legislative calendar, farmers and ranchers are anxious for lawmakers to finalize the farm bill before the start of the new year—and a new Congress. If the bill doesn’t get done, Congress, including a House with new leadership, will have to start from scratch.

“The leadership of both the House and Senate Agriculture committees have worked overtime this year to deliver a new farm bill, and now it’s time to get it across the finish line before the clock runs out. Farmers and ranchers cannot afford that kind of delay, especially with so many struggling to hang on and unable to make plans for the next season with a massive cloud of uncertainty hovering overhead,” American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall said in his recent Zipline column.

Farm Bureau’s Advocacy team has issued an action alert on the farm bill. Click here to send a message letting your lawmakers know how important it is that the farm bill be ready for the president’s signature in the next few weeks.

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A recently released White House broadband access report echoes the American Farm Bureau Federation’s call for use of more robust, detailed data when creating broadband maps.

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The American Farm Bureau Federation teamed up with other agricultural producer organizations this week to sponsor an ad in The Washington Examiner to communicate the importance that the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement on trade holds for farmers and ranchers with a focus on benefits at the state level.

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