Impact of COVID-19 on Agriculture

Farmers Work to Help Area Food Banks

News / In The News April 15, 2020

The American Farm Bureau Federation and Feeding America teamed up to send a letter to the USDA asking the department to create a system to get food from the farms to food banks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fox17 in Nashville talked to Dale Moore the Executive Director of the American Farm Bureau Federation in Washington, DC who says, “There's nobody that hates having to plow a crop down more than a farmer, that hates having to dump milk more than a dairy farmer and you go across the board and again what we're excited about is finding a way for us to get what we're producing on the farm, get that in the hands of people who can feed people. That’s the great success we're looking for.”

Moore says we can probably expect an announcement with solid details on how this fix would work this week and Feeding America reports nearly 100 percent of food banks across America are reporting increased need for food.

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A battle over a farmer’s right to use and care for his own land is one step closer to being resolved. A determination by the director of USDA’s National Appeals Division admonishes the Natural Resources Conservation Service for failing to obey its own rules, favoring a farmer who battled NRCS for more than a decade. The decision is a welcome signal that concerns from across the countryside about NRCS conservation compliance are being heard.

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As the House and Senate consider legislation to tweak the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program, the American Farm Bureau Federation is asking lawmakers to make the program fully accessible to farmers and ranchers by allowing them to increase their net farm income through all rental income, farm equipment trades, breeding livestock and other documented sources of income.

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