‘Fit’ Awarded Farm Bureau Farm Dog of the Year

News / Newsline January 9, 2022

Credit: AFBF, Bigfoot Media 

The American Farm Bureau named the 2022 Farm Dog of the Year Sunday at its 103rd Convention. Micheal Clements shares more about this year’s top dog.

Clements: The American Farm Bureau and Nestle Purina PetCare announced a Florida Border Collie as this year’s Farm Dog of the Year Sunday during the 2022 Farm Bureau Convention. Owner Cindy Deak says the dog, named Fit, is a big help on the farm.

Deak: She’s a working farm dog and she teaches other dogs how to herd. She probably works about 30 hours a week on the farm between teaching lessons and doing farm chores, so she’s a busy girl. She’s a great representative of the Border Collie breed. She’s super loyal, super intelligent, and we’re like a kindred spirit, she reads my mind. So, I couldn’t do without her.

Clements: Deak says winning the award is a proud accomplishment for her and Fit.

Deak: It’s just an amazing accomplishment, we’re so proud of Fit and everything she represents. She has a huge fan club already and this will I’m sure make people like her even better. But she just has the strongest heart and will. And we’re extremely grateful to Farm Bureau and to Purina for sponsoring and hosting the contest.

Clements: Fit and the Deak family will receive one year’s worth of Pro-Plan dog food and other Purina products, a trophy plate and a $5,000 cash prize. Deak says she’s happy the contest highlights the importance of working farm dogs, who perform chores including rounding up livestock and chasing off predators.

Deak: I think it’s important to recognize farm dogs because without a good farm dog, someone like me, you can’t be as successful. I can do, with Fit as a partner, the work of three or four people combined and do it faster and more effective using a dog. So, I don’t think a lot of people realize how valuable a working farm dog can be. They help you with everything that you do, and they just make your life so much easier.

Clements: Farm Bureau and Purina also announced four regional runners-up and a People’s Choice Pup. Learn more and nominate your dog for the 2023 contest at fb.org/farmdog. Micheal Clements, Atlanta, Georgia.

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