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Missouri Farmers’ AgButler Available in App Stores

News / FBNews September 9, 2020

AgButler, a web-based tool that connects individuals seeking work with farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses needing temporary labor, is now available as an app for iOS and Android.

Created by Missouri farmers Kevin and Jamie Johansen, AgButler was a semi-finalist in the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 2020 Ag Innovation Challenge.

“Nothing gets me more excited than connecting farmers and ranchers from across the country with skilled labor, and to give back to the industry I was born and raised in,” said Kevin Johansen.

Similar to ride-sharing technology, AgButler allows farmers, ranchers and/or agribusinesses to connect with available laborers filtered by location, ratings, work experience and availability.

Soon after the Ag Innovation Challenge, AgButler was awarded a grant with the Missouri Agriculture and Small Business Development Authority. In addition, AgButler won People’s Choice in the Ag Tech Innovation Competition by FCS of America at the Iowa Power Farming Show.

After the pandemic upended the labor market and sent millions of young adults home from school in March, the AgButler team worked with Missouri Farm Bureau to release a free resource to help connect students looking for work with farmers in need. 

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