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National 4-H Launches ‘Inspire Kids to Do’ Campaign with Twitter Party

News / FBNews August 26, 2018

The National 4-H Council recently launched the “Inspire Kids to Do” campaign and 30 Days of Doing, to give kids more opportunities to do and help grow leaders ready to navigate life and career. To kick off #30DaysofDoing be sure to join the hour-long Twitter party on Tuesday, Aug. 28, starting at 9 p.m. Eastern. Attendees can see each other’s tweets by following and using the party hashtags #30DaysofDoing and #gno.

30 Days of Doing is a chance for kids across the nation to do with purpose through hands-on learning. Through activities in agriculture, STEM, community service, healthy living and more, 30 Days of Doing will help kids gain the skills they need to be successful in life—and have fun along the way.

Plus, starting Sept. 1 you could win a $10,000 scholarship for your kid – and your state 4-H program could receive $10,000 to inspire kids in the community! Learn more at

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