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News / Newsline May 3, 2022

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Signup is underway for the Women’s ACE Summit in Washington, D.C. this summer. Chad Smith has more on the new and improved Women’s Farm Bureau D.C. Fly-in.

Smith: The Women’s Advocate, Cultivate and Empower, or ACE, Summit is a two-day event offering many learning sessions and advocacy training opportunities for Farm Bureau women. Marieta Hauser chairs the subcommittee planning the event, and she talks about the event formerly knowns as the Women’s Fly-In.

Hauser: The Women's Leadership Committee has wanted to grow that event and make it more dynamic for women. So, we've got great speakers. We've got great breakout sessions. It's geared for anybody at any level of advocacy. We've got a session for them that will take it to the next level, help develop their relationship with their congressman, and we think it's going to be a great program,  and we really encourage women to get involved.

Smith: She says there are a number of benefits in attending the event, including the chance to connect with other Farm Bureau women.

Hauser: I find somebody who knows more about different things than I do, and then when I have questions about those items, I can either turn to them, or I can guide the people that are asking me to them, so the networking piece of it is one thing. The other thing is it's just going to give you more tools in your toolbox when you need to reach out and talk to your legislators and your congressmen. It will give you the confidence that you need to speak up on issues that are important to us on the farm and ranch.

Smith: The ACE Summit is open to all Farm Bureau women, and AFBF encourages each state to bring at least four women to the event, including a Young Farmer and Rancher attendee.

Hauser: The ages are between 18 and 35. We highly encourage each state to send at least one of their members to be of the Young Farmer and Rancher age. Those are the leaders of the future, and this would give them some great tools to strengthen their advocacy skills. So, every state has the opportunity to register up to four members until May 3. After that date, states are welcome to register as many members as they would like, and they can find that information on the Farm Bureau website under the Women's Leadership Program or under the Events page.

Smith: Chad Smith, Washington.

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