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Reuters: Don’t Count Your Chickens; NAFTA’s End Could Hit U.S. Poultry Hard

News / In The News January 23, 2018

Credit: Ian Lee//CC By 2.0 

A Reuters article explores how the collapse of the North American Free Trade Agreement might affect the U.S. chicken industry, which currently exports more than $1 billion worth of products annually to Mexico. “The Mexican market may find its way to the chopping block if talks to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement collapse and President Donald Trump makes good on a threat to pull out of the 1994 deal with Canada and Mexico,” noted Reuters writers Jason Lange and David Alire Garcia. In addition, “If NAFTA disappears, U.S. poultry could face increased competition from Brazil, which is the world’s top chicken exporter and has tariff-free access to the Mexican market through 2019, as well as the possibility of lost jobs.”

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