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New Survey Reveals Majority of Adults Support Farm Bill Passage

Micheal Clements

News Service Editor, NAFB

Kari Barbic

Director, Communications

photo credit: Mark Stebnicki, North Carolina Farm Bureau

A new American Farm Bureau Federation survey reveals the public offers strong support for passing the next Farm Bill. Micheal Clements shares the data.

Clements: A new study by Morning Consult for the American Farm Bureau Federation finds strong public support for Farm Bill reauthorization. Kari Barbic, AFBF Communications Director, says the survey explores the public’s awareness of the farm bill, its impact, and priorities for funding in the legislation.
Barbic: Well, it's good for us all to remember that we all depend on the success of U.S. agriculture, and it seems that the majority of U.S. adults would agree with that sentiment. Over half of adults surveyed support reauthorizing the farm bill, with 73 percent saying that there would be a significant impact on the country if the farm bill were not passed this year.
Clements: Barbic says Americans are concerned with the high price of food and how current events, like Russia’s war in Ukraine, impacts food security.
Barbic: In light of recent events like that, 84 percent of adults agree that the U.S. should consider it a matter of national security to ensure that our country has a safe and abundant food supply, and the general public is very supportive of Farm Bill funding to keep our food supply secure for all Americans. And top priorities for most adults include providing risk management tools that farmers need, as well as nutrition programs for families who are facing hunger.
Clements: The survey also shows nearly nine of ten Americans highly trust farmers and ranchers.
Barbic: It's important for farmers and ranchers to build on that trust and share more with the general public and with their lawmakers how important the farm bill is in providing resources that help them manage risk and keep food on our tables. Also, it's important to share with the public how the impact of legislation extends well beyond the farm. The Farm Bill also provides access to nutrition programs, and it's really key in advancing our conservation efforts and spurring innovation, through agricultural research.
Clements: Find the survey results online at fb.org. Micheal Clements, Washington.