Farm Bureau Applauds EPA’s Water Rule Outreach

Newsroom / May 9, 2017

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall today praised the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to collaborate closely with governors regarding revision of the Waters of the United States rule.

“EPA Administrator Pruitt’s decision to consult with the states before revising the Waters of the United States rule marks a sharp break with the recent past,” Duvall said. “His letter to the 50 state governors requesting their comments on what a new rule should do recognizes the checks and balances that were written into the Clean Water Act in the first place.

“This is an important, first step towards the restoration of law in environmental regulation. A distant and unaccountable Washington bureaucracy has too often punished farmers and ranchers for alleged infringements that have no basis in law. The EPA and Army Corps have ignored requirements that they consult state officials in their work. Administrator Pruitt calls this new relationship a partnership, rather than a fiat. We agree that this is the right way to proceed: Regulation must be done with an open door and open mind. We look forward to working with the states, the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers to set things right once more.” 


Will Rodger
Director, Policy Communications
(202) 406-3642
Kari Barbic
AFBF Media Specialist
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