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Foundation for Agriculture Announces 11th ‘Book of the Year’ and Honors State Farm Bureaus

Newsroom / January 6, 2018

The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture presented its 11th “Book of the Year” award to Tracy Nelson Maurer for “John Deere, That’s Who!” This strikingly illustrated book describes a young blacksmith’s quest to design a better plow.

Maurer is the author of more than 100 books, including many nonfiction books for children. She lives near Minneapolis with her family and loves to interact with readers on her frequent school and library visits.

2018 Book of the Year

Maurer notes, “John Deere [originally] had nothing to do with tractors; I learned from researching another project. I thought kids would think that’s a fun fact. Maybe they’d want to know more: What exactly did this guy do? Why is he famous? That’s what this book answers in a fun way, and it shows how one determined and creative person influenced an entire nation. I’m honored to receive this recognition, and I’m grateful for the Foundation’s work to share important stories about America’s farming legacy.”

The “Book of the Year” award springs from the Foundation’s effort to identify “Accurate Ag Books,” a collection of nearly 500 books for children, teenagers and adults that accurately covers agricultural topics. Book of the Year selections are educational, help to create positive public perceptions about agriculture, inspire readers to learn more and touch their readers’ lives as well as tell the farmer’s story. The Accurate Ag Books database is available at:

To accompany the “John Deere, That’s Who!” book, the Foundation has created an educator’s guide and a new Ag Mag.

In honor of Maurer’s award and Nashville, the host city of the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 2018 Annual Convention and IDEAg Trade Show, the American Farm Bureau Foundation will donate books and a $1,000 ag literacy grant to a local Tennessee school.

Also at the Foundation breakfast, state Farm Bureaus were recognized for exemplary financial support of the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture.

State Farm Bureaus receiving the Scholar Award were: Delaware, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Virginia. The Scholar Award was given to the six state Farm Bureaus with the highest total donations to the Foundation within their membership groups.

Delaware Farm Bureau earned the Award of Excellence. To achieve this award, a state Farm Bureau and all of the county Farm Bureaus within the state must donate to the Foundation.

In addition, 20 state Farm Bureaus qualified for Apex Awards: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, New Hampshire, New York, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

The Apex Award is given to state Farm Bureaus that have increased total contributions to the Foundation by 12 percent or more over the previous year.

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