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Outstanding Farm Bureau Communications Work Honored

Newsroom / May 16, 2018

Awards for the top communications specialists were presented at Farm Bureau’s National Communications Conference. Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania took home the most honors, including awards in news, media relations and video production.

Following is a list of the winners. Winners of larger state membership competitions are listed first. Combined competition categories will only have one winner.​

Best News Story:

Texas – Jessica Domel, Gary Joiner, Pedro Rosas and Ed Wolff;

New Hampshire – Josh Marshall.

Best Feature Story:

Ohio – Kelli Milligan Stammen;

Montana – Rebecca Colnar.

Honorable Mentions to Florida and Oregon.

Best Single Blog Item, Editorial or Column:

Ohio – Adam Sharp and Joe Cornely;

Pennsylvania – Mark O’Neill and Kristina Watson.

Best Newspaper or E-newsletter:

Virginia – Kathy Dixon and Chris Baxter;

New Hampshire – Josh Marshall.

Honorable Mention to California.

Best Magazine:

Illinois – Mike Orso and Chris Anderson;

Wisconsin – Marian Viney, Lynn Siekmann, Amy Eckelberg and Sarah Marketon.

Best Member/Leader Newsletter:

Kansas – Sheridan Wimmer;

Oregon – Anne Marie Moss.

Best Graphic Design for Membership Promotion:

Oklahoma – Hannah Davis;

Pennsylvania – Holly Cohick.

Best Audio News Story, Feature Story or Commentary/Editorial:

Texas – Tom Nicolette.

Best Video News Story:

Texas – Pedro Rosas and Gary Joiner.

Best Video Feature Story:

Texas – Pedro Rosas and Gene Hall;

Oregon – Anne Marie Moss and Cassidy Davis.

Best Promotional or Education Video or Ad:

Ohio – Pat Petzel and Richard Wonderling;

Nebraska – Cassie Hoebelheinrich.

Best Website:

Illinois – Kevin Daugherty and Linda Olson;

Minnesota – Kristin Harner, Jodi Jetson and Megan Ternquist.

Best Unique Tactic or Execution:

Texas – Julie Tomascik, Gene Hall, Angela Lujan, Cindy Wennin, Ed Wolff, Pedro Rosas and Gary Joiner;

Pennsylvania – Liam Migdail, Bill Zeiders, Lorraine Potochney-Kobold, Holly Cohick, Natalie Slembarski, Tonya Wible and Leigh Ann Courtney.

Best Public Relations Campaign:

Illinois – Lori Laughlin, Mike Orso and Tamara Nelsen.

Best Media Relations Event:

Ohio – Joe Cornely, Jordan Hoewischer and Aaron Heilers;

Pennsylvania – Mark O’Neill.

Dave Lane Award for Media Relations Excellence:

Virginia – Greg Hicks, Chris Baxter, Maria La Lima, Patricia Hooten, Barbara Zeidman, Kathy Dixon, Sara Owens, Pam Wiley, Claire Mills, Sherri McKinney and Norm Hyde;

Pennsylvania – Mark O’Neill.

Cyndie Shearing
Director, Internal Communications
(202) 406-3649
Shiloh Perry
Media Relations Specialist
(202) 406-3643

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