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State Farm Bureau Communications Specialists Honored

Newsroom / June 25, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 26, 2014 – Awards for the top communications specialists were presented during the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 2014 Strategic Policy, Advocacy, Resources and Communications Conference, held June 17-19 in Kansas City, Missouri. Pennsylvania, Illinois, Iowa and Texas took home the most awards, including awards of excellence in news, print media, social media and audio/video.

Following is a list of the winners. Winners of larger state membership competitions are listed first. When one winner is listed, that category was a combined competition.

Best News Story: Iowa – Tom Block; Pennsylvania – Darrin Youker

Honorable Mention to California

Best Feature Story: California – Christine Souza; Oregon – Anne Marie Moss

Honorable Mention to Texas

Best News or Feature Series: Illinois – Daniel Grant

Honorable Mention to Iowa

Best Single Blog Item, Editorial or Column: Iowa – Dirck Steimel; Pennsylvania – Sam Kieffer

Honorable Mention to Illinois, Wisconsin

Best Column Series: Texas – Gene Hall, Mike Barnett; Pennsylvania – Sam Kieffer, Darrin Youker

Honorable Mention to Missouri

Best Newspaper: Illinois – Daniel Grant, Kay Shipman, Deana Stroisch, Cyndi Cook, Ken Kashian; New York – Jeff Williams, Steve Ammerman, Tara Robstad

Honorable Mention to Iowa

Best Magazine: North Carolina – Curtis Hayes, Kathy Higgins, John Lambeth; Wisconsin – Casey Langan, Sheri Sutton, Amy Manske

Honorable Mention to Ohio, Utah

Best Member/Leader Newsletter: Ohio – Callie Wells, Seth Teter; Oregon – Anne Marie Moss

Honorable Mention to Kansas, Wisconsin

Best Pamphlet or Brochure: Mississippi – Danielle Ginn; Minnesota – Kristin Harner, Pam Dahlman

Honorable Mention to Ohio

Best Single Photo: Texas – Mike Barnett; Utah – Matt Hargreaves

Honorable Mention to Illinois

Best Graphic Design: Indiana – Diane Brewer

Honorable Mention to Pennsylvania

Best Audio News Story: Texas – Tom Nicolette

Best Audio Feature Story: Illinois – Rita Frazer, Nic Anderson

Best Audio Commentary/Editorial: Oklahoma – Sam Knipp

Best Audio Program: Ohio – Joe Cornely, Chip Nelson, Rebecca Everman

Honorable Mention to Oklahoma

Best Video News Story: Louisiana – Avery Davidson, Michael Danna

Honorable Mention to Mississippi

Best Video Feature Story: Louisiana – Kristen Oaks

Honorable Mention to Oklahoma

Best Regularly Scheduled Video Program: California – Tracy Sellers, Scott Monaco, Kim Mims, Charles Williams, Dave Kranz

Honorable Mention to Louisiana

Best Promotional or Education Video or Documentary: Arkansas – Steve Eddington, Randy Lloyd, Gabe Gentry

Honorable Mention to Illinois

Best Blog: Wisconsin – Sheri Sutton, Casey Langan

Honorable Mention to Texas

Best Website: Missouri – Rebecca French Smith

Honorable Mention to Minnesota

Best Social Media Campaign or Program: Iowa – Sara Payne, Dana Ardary, Laurie Johns, Dirck Steimel, Zach Bader

Honorable Mention to Texas

Best Advertising Campaign or Spot: Oklahoma – Dustin Mielke

Honorable Mention to Alabama

Best Public Relations Campaign: Virginia – Greg Hicks, Bill Altice, Chris Baxter, Kathy Dixon, Norm Hyde, Maria La Lima, Sheri McKinney, Sara Owens, Cathy Vanderhoff, Pam Wiley, Barbara Zeidman; Pennsylvania – Mark O'Neill, Sam Kieffer, Darrin Youker, Lorraine Potochney-Kobold, Chad Newton

Honorable Mention to Texas

Best Media Relations Event: Pennsylvania – Mark O'Neill, Chad Newton

Dave Lane Award for Media Relations Excellence: Michigan – Dennis Rudat, Jeremy C. Nagel, Nikki Baker, Jill Corrin, Erica Venton, Paul Jackson, Steve Paradiso, Rodger Meschke; Pennsylvania – Mark O’Neill

Honorable Mention to Virginia

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