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AFBF Foundation Book Wins Children’s Literature Award

Podcasts / Newsline July 10, 2020

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A children’s book from the American Farm Bureau Foundation For Agriculture took home a children’s literacy award this week. Micheal Clements has more.

Clements: “Right This Very Minute,” a book published by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, recently won the Growing Good Kids Book Award. Foundation Education Outreach Director Julia Recko says the award recognizes the book’s goal to show children where their food comes from.

Recko: The award is given to books that have an engaging story, engaging illustrations and designs that effectively promote an understanding for gardening, plants and the environment. These awards are given out by the American Horticulture Society and the National Junior Master Gardener Program.

Clements: The book was published by Feeding Minds Press, started by the Farm Bureau Foundation.

Recko: Feeding Minds Press was started by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture to have a way to create more accurate and engaging books about agriculture. And, “Right This Very Minute” was actually the first book that was published by Feeding Minds Press.

Clements: Recko says the book gives readers a look at modern farms.

Recko: And it does that by taking a look at each meal of the day, including a snack and dessert, to see what those farms actually look like and how that food is being grown. And it encourages readers at the end of the story to take a stab at growing their own food, creating their own garden in their homes or in their communities, and to really do that by thinking like a farmer.

Clements: You can find “Right This Very Minute” online at the Farm Bureau Store. Micheal Clements, Washington.

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