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AFBF Highlights Successes in Celebrating 100 Years

Podcast / Newsline January 16, 2019

Credit: Steven Polunsky / CC BY 2.0 

Farm Bureau members celebrated the success of 100 years in New Orleans. Micheal Clements has more.

Clements: The 2019 American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention and IDEAg Trade Show in New Orleans highlighted the successes of AFBF over the past 100 years. AFBF Executive Vice President Dale Moore says the event brought together farmers and policy makers to honor the organization.

Moore: We have had a fantastic centennial celebration. We’ve had over 6,000 of our members, farmers and ranch families from all across the nation, gathered here in New Orleans, and the visit from the president of the United States, that’s always exciting for our members. Secretary Perdue certainly visited, we had a number of senators and congressmen, the men and women that are elected to serve our members all across the county showing up at our 100-year celebration.

Clements: AFBF also celebrated a long list of policy successes over the past year, including the farm bill, the rollout of tax reform, trade and progress on a new Clean Water Rule.

Moore: It is certainly a long list and the one issue that is still ongoing in the new agreement with Canada and Mexico, it’s made some positive changes. At the same time, we still got the trade war going on with China, we’re seeing some progress on new agreements getting initiated relative to working with Japan, working with the European Union, and hopefully soon when they get it sorted out with the United Kingdom. Those are the kind of things that help our members, but we’ve still got a few tough rows to hoe on getting that done.

Clements: He says 100 years of Farm Bureau successes demonstrates the importance of the work by AFBF.

Moore: When you look at it, and you go back through the history of Farm Bureau, and go back to some of the original issues that had our members coming together to form Farm Bureau, and then you see those cycles where agriculture has had some good years, but just as often as not, and this is why have farm bills, why we have crop insurance, why we focus on the importance of trade, we’ve got five straight years of net farm income declining. So, everything that we can do on behalf of the men and women we work for, to help the government help us to that appropriate level, and not over help, is part and parcel of what our policy book and the direction our grassroots members give us.

Clements: Micheal Clements, New Orleans.

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