AFBF Welcoming President Trump to Nashville

Podcast / Newsline January 8, 2018

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The American Farm Bureau Federation will welcome President Trump to its Annual Convention Monday. Micheal Clements has more.

Clements: Farm Bureau members expressed excitement about the notion of President Trump attending the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 99th Annual Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, Monday. Speaking at the opening session of the event Sunday, AFBF President Zippy Duvall announced the convention lineup to a cheering crowd.

Duvall: What a lineup we have for you, Reba McEntire is going to come, the Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, who is a friend of mine, is going to be here. And the president of our United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump, is going to visit with us tomorrow.

Clements: Duvall says he is looking forward to thanking President Trump in person for the positive changes he and his administration made in the first year of his presidency.

Duvall: It’s a breath of fresh air to be able to advocate for getting things done, instead of having to constantly fight and defend agriculture against a steady stream of challenges from our own government.

Clements: Duvall says the president has promised farmers and ranchers NAFTA would be even better than before following the renegotiation.

Duvall: I intend to take this president at his word. But we as an organization, and as the largest farm organization in this country, intend to work with him and his team to make good on that promise.

Clements: President Trump is expected to speak Monday afternoon. Micheal Clements, Nashville.

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Credit: AFBF 

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