AFBF’s Promotion and Education Committee Hosts “Target: Food Consumer Engagement” Training

Podcast / Newsline May 3, 2018

A Farm Bureau effort is helping members engage with consumers. Micheal Clements has more.

Clements: A training session held by the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Promotion & Education Committee in Washington, D.C. gave Farm Bureau members and staff tools needed to successfully engage with consumers. The Food Consumer Engagement Training helps farmers and ranchers connect with consumers and provided valuable information, according to Val Wagner, Farm Bureau’s Promotion & Education Committee vice chair.

Wagner: We have this amazing opportunity to be able to have an intense engagement type training showing people how to engage with consumers, meeting them at their level, answering those tough questions and giving them a lot of resources to not only connect with consumers, but put their own spin on it, make it a personal journey for them.

Clements: Wagner says the training provides resources to allow members to utilize what they learned back at home.

Wagner: So many times, we see how you have so many great educational opportunities and you learn all these things and you get all excited and you get home and you’re like, well, now what, where do I go from here? And so, this gave us an opportunity to not only give them that excitement, but give them that plan so they can map they’re own journey, and actually be ready when they get home to just put it into place.

Clements: Wagner says one of the best ways to engage with consumers is to start by listening.

Wagner: That helps make the answer easier to give because they feel like you’re truly appreciating what their questions are and you truly are sharing that value with them. And then when you walk away, both of you feel connected and maybe the next time they’ll be more willing to come to you with those questions, instead of looking on Google.

Clements: Micheal Clements, Washington.

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