Ag Community Relief Helping Farmers Impacted by Wildfires

Podcast / Newsline October 10, 2017

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A new organization is helping farmers across the nation, including those affected by wildfires in Montana. Micheal Clements has more.

Clements: Ag Community Relief of Michigan is providing help to Montana farmers and ranchers who lost thousands of miles of fence during wildfires this summer. Eddie Fahley, vice president of Ag Community Relief, says the Western Wire Roundup was established to help western ranchers rebuild.

Fahley: They lost all their fencing up that way and fencing gets to be an expensive part of the rebuilding process and trying to find supplies local. So, we’ve worked with some different organizations to try and round up some wire and our goal is to get a semi load of wire sent out there. And suppliers are willing to sell it to us at a reduced cost to make every dollar go as far as we can.

Clements: The non-profit Ag Community Relief was founded this spring when wildfires devastated parts of Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. The organization’s goal is to help farmers get their operation back to where it was before disaster struck.

Fahley: It’s just farmers helping farmers. Ag is kind of a small industry as the whole, but it’s an important industry in the lives of everyone and it’s important that we all help our neighbors out in any way we can to keep everybody thriving.

Clements: In collaboration with Michigan Farm Bureau and many other organizations, Ag Community Relief has already sent 12 semi loads of hay to Montana. To help with the Western Wire Roundup, you can join the relief efforts online.

Fahley: They can go to and there’s a link on there and they can donate towards the wire cause on the website. And, I would really like to say thank you to Michigan Farm Bureau, they stepped up right from day one helping to get the word out for the cause so that we could make this all possible across the nation.

Clements: Micheal Clements, Washington.

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