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Podcast / Newsline May 1, 2018

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Now is the time to let legislators know how important the farm bill is to rural America. Micheal Clements has more.

Clements: As members of Congress are back in their home states this week on recess, the American Farm Bureau Federation says now is the time to tell lawmakers the importance of passing the farm bill. AFBF Director of Grassroots Program Development Randy Dwyer says lawmakers are out in their respective districts this week looking to hear from farmers and ranchers.

Dwyer: This week is farm bill action week and we are asking farmers and ranchers across the county to take a minute and to contact their legislators about the farm bill. It’s a great opportunity to spend a little bit of time reaching out and letting your legislators know that the farm bill is extremely important.

Clements:  The House Agriculture Committee sent its version of the farm bill to the full House for consideration in late April. The House could consider the bill within the next three weeks. Dwyer says farmers and ranchers need to let Congress know the importance of keeping the bill moving forward.

Dwyer: Farm Bureau members across the county need to let their legislators know that they need to support the farm bill. It is extremely important for rural America that this farm bill gets enacted. The opportunity is now to reach out because there is a vote coming up in a couple of weeks in the House of Representatives.

Clements: Dwyer is encouraging farmers and ranchers to call, email or even use social media, to make their voice heard by legislators.

Dwyer: There are several ways that our Farm Bureau members can reach out to their legislators this week. One of them is going online, and that’s going to There, they can send an email to their legislators. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it makes a big impact back in the congressional office.

Clements: Micheal Clements, Washington.

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