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Farm Bureau Eager for Farm Bill Implementation

Podcast / Newsline January 30, 2019

Credit: Boris Kasimov 

Farmers and ranchers across the nation eagerly await the implementation of the next farm bill. Chad Smith has more.

Smith: Grassroots Farm Bureau members look forward to having a new farm bill. Passed late last year, the bill will help guide farmers through tough economic times and provide necessary programs. At the 2019 AFBF Annual Convention and IDEAg Trade Show earlier this month, Andrew Walmsley, AFBF congressional relations director, said Farm Bureau members applaud passage of the farm bill.

Walmsley: It was a huge success to get the farm bill done. Now we’re waiting on implementation. We’ve got the issue around the border wall, but an opportunity to catch our breath and looking forward to working with USDA to implement the 2018 farm bill.

Smith: Walmsley says AFBF will partner with USDA to implement the farm bill.

Walmsley: The works not done working as a partner with USDA to implement it how we understand the bill, how we think the committees wrote the bill, they are always a great partner with Secretary Perdue.

Smith: He says Farm Bureau will provide updates on the farm bill’s implementation. Those updates can be found at

Walmsley: One thing for members, we’re doing a title-by-title through our Market Intel program where members can go in and get a little bit more information. And obviously we’ll be updating that as implementation hopefully kicks off soon.

Smith: Chad Smith, Washington.

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