Farm Bureau Sets 2018 Policy Agenda

Podcast / Newsline January 11, 2018

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American Farm Bureau Federation delegates Tuesday set forth policy priorities for 2018. Micheal Clements has more.

Clements: Delegates of AFBF in Nashville, Tennessee, this week fine-tuned the organizations policy book for the year, to include improvements in the farm bill. AFBF Public Policy Executive Director Dale Moore says AFBF members want changes to the cotton and dairy programs in the next farm bill.

Moore: Grassroots delegates from all over the country went through our policy book from the first policy to the last one. They gave us some direction, there’s a handful of things that we need you to focus on. Let’s get the farm bill done, we need some things to tighten up on making the cotton programs work better, certainly some attention to the dairy programs, a lot of attention on the working lands programs.

Clements: AFBF also seeks an improved Agriculture Risk Coverage program to decrease risk management disparities across counties. Other policies include ending sunsets on trade agreements, labor issues, and ending the use of non-GMO labels on products that do not have GMO alternatives.

Moore: They talked about other issues related to the regulatory environments, kind of reeling back in how we make life better for our men and women across the county. And, we feel like that what the delegates gave us is policy that says we expect you to work with Congress, we expect you to work with the administration to make some progress on reducing that regulatory burden.

Clements: Moore says the policy set by AFBF delegates makes a difference in Washington, D.C.

Moore: When we take that policy to Washington, the men and women who are elected to represent them across the county, they know where that policy came from. It’s not from Dale Moore sitting in Washington D.C., it’s directly from the boots in the dirt back in their home district.

Clements: Delegates also unanimously re-elected AFBF President Zippy Duvall to a two-year term. Micheal Clements, Nashville.

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