Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee Raises Funds for Ronald McDonald House

Podcasts / Newsline January 20, 2020

The American Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee more than doubled a goal to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Micheal Clements has more.

Clements: An effort to celebrate 100 years of the American Farm Bureau Federation resulted in a big donation to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The donation drive was launched during last year’s AFBF convention. At this year’s event in Austin, Texas, AFBF Women’s Leadership Committee Chair Sherry Saylor says the challenge sought to help others in need.

Saylor: They help families that are in need if they have a child who’s in critical care condition and they provide a place for the family to stay. So, we put this challenge out to all of our women’s committees all across the nation and they responded well, and we definitely met our challenge. We raised $237,000.

Clements: Saylor says the challenge extended beyond raising money.

Saylor: Food is our business, so we provided meals for these houses across the county. We also provided agriculturally accurate books for the kids to read. The needs are varied for these houses and in agriculture we were able to meet those needs. It was great partnership for our committee as we were giving back to the Ronald McDonald House charity as well as honoring the 100 years that Farm Bureau has been in existence.

Clements: Saylor says the challenge shows the strength of the Farm Bureau family.

Saylor: I think it really shows the fact that we are a family-based organization and because of that, we walk through the good times with each other and we also walk through the bad times. This, I think, is a reflection of our committee, how we are there for people in those times that are difficult. And, the partnership with this charity, they have the same goal and vision of helping families through their difficult times as we in agriculture as well do. So, I think it was a great partnership and we plan on continuing it in the years to come.

Clements:  Micheal Clements, Austin, Texas.

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