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Last Chance to Comment on Clean Water Rule

Podcast / Newsline April 11, 2019

The American Farm Bureau Federation is encouraging farmers and ranchers to stand for clean water and clear rules by showing support for the new Clean Water Rule. Micheal Clements has more.

Clements: Time is running out for farmers and ranchers to show their support for the new Clean Water Rule, which proposes changes to what defines “Waters of the U.S.” Cody Lyon, American Farm Bureau Federation managing director of advocacy and political affairs, says farmers and ranchers should submit comments to the Environmental Protection Agency now.

Lyon: We are down to the last few days. The docket will close on Monday, April 15th, right around midnight. So, farmers have just a few short days left to submit comments to EPA. We know that good farming and a good environment go hand-in-hand. That’s why we need clean water and we need clear rules to go with it.

Clements: Lyon says the new Clean Water Rule clearly defines what is regulated under the Clean Water Act.

Lyon: The new Clean Water Rule simply makes it clear and specific what is and is not regulated. Farmers and ranchers should not have to hire teams of consultants and lawyers just to know what areas of their farm will and will not be regulated. The new Clean Water Rule would end years of this uncertainty over where federal control begins and ends.

Clements: Comments to the EPA can be easily submitted online.

Lyon: When farmers and ranchers go to, the information is available on that webpage to understand the issue better. Scroll down to the bottom and with one simple click you can send your comments to EPA. We need every farmer and rancher to step in and send their comments before the deadline on April 15th.

Clements: Submit comments online at Micheal Clements, Washington.

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