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New Legislation Provides Economic Boost to 4-H, FFA Students

Podcast / Newsline March 20, 2019

Credit: Photo by Steve Snodgrass / CC BY 2.0 

Legislation introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives would give an economic boost to youth in agriculture. Chad Smith has more.

Smith: The Student Agriculture Protection Act of 2019, supported by the American Farm Bureau Federation, would create a tax exemption for the first $5,000 of income students earn from projects completed through 4-H or FFA. Pat Wolff, AFBF senior director of congressional relations, says the bill would allow students to focus on their education and their projects.

Wolff: The reason for the legislation is to allow student agriculturalists to keep more of the money they earn from their 4-H and FFA projects. That would give them more money to put toward their education and to other projects.

Smith: Wolff says it’s important to encourage young people to seek careers in agriculture.

Wolff: The future of agriculture depends on young people choosing agriculture as a career choice. Some students may decide to be farmers, others may work in industries that support farmers, but if there isn’t a supply of bright and hard-working students moving into agriculture, our industry will continue to age, and its future will be uncertain.

Smith: She says farmers and ranchers can show their support for the bill by contacting their legislators.

Wolff: Farmers and ranchers who want to support the idea of allowing student agriculturalists to keep more of the money they earn from their projects should contact their member of Congress and ask them co-sponsor H.R. 1770.

Smith: Chad Smith, Washington.

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