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President Trump Returns to the AFBF Annual Convention

Podcast / Newsline January 11, 2019

Credit: AFBF 

President Donald Trump is returning to the American Farm Bureau’s annual convention. Chad Smith has more.

Smith: For the second-straight year, President Trump will address farm and ranch families at the American Farm Bureau’s 100th Annual Convention in New Orleans. He’ll appear on Monday, January 14th. Paul Schlegel, managing director of public policy with AFBF, says the president’s appearance shows how important agriculture is to the administration. It also shows the respect the administration has for Farm Bureau and its work.

Schlegel: We like to think of ourselves as an articulate leading voice for growers and producers around the country and the fact that the president’s coming for a second year in a row, helping us to celebrate our Centennial, is a compliment to our members, to the organization they’ve put together, and that they spend a lot of time and effort to make sure it represents the needs of growers. We’re going to do our best to give the president a warm welcome.

Smith: Schlegel says Trump’s appearance on Monday shows that the administration has a serious commitment to American agriculture.

Schlegel: They frequently look to Farm Bureau for an informed and educated and an articulate position on what policies have an impact, whether it’s the new Clean Water Rule by EPA, whether it’s trade disputes with China and other places, they have looked to us for our counsel and our advice, and we’ve given it, and we appreciate the fact that we have a constructive, ongoing dialogue.

Smith: Schlegel said the president will speak to members in attendance on Monday and likely will touch on a lot of issues important to Farm Bureau.

Schlegel: That’s trade, it’s the Clean Water Rule, it’s regulations, implementation of the Farm Bill, there’s a long range of things we care about that we expect him to address in his remarks.

Smith: Chad Smith, Washington.

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