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Technology Critical for Farm Improvements

Podcast / Newsline February 19, 2019

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Advancements in technology help farmers and ranchers continually improve their operations. Micheal Clements has more.

Clements: Technology and quality broadband connections help farmers and ranchers better manage their operations. The American Farm Bureau Federation supports advancements in both areas to better serve rural areas. Minnesota Farm Bureau member Katie Brenny explains how she uses these tools to improve efficiency and productivity on her farm.

Brenny: Technology is very important on the farm because it allow us to look for that continuous improvement and as farmers and ranchers that’s what we’re always after, is how do we make what we do better. On our farm we use different technology sources. Probably one of the latest things we’ve done is used Facetime to connect with our local veterinarian to help with animal health and animal care on the farm without having them come out to the farm, which allows for better efficiency and allowing for that continuous improvement.

Clements: She says technology also allows farmers to easily show consumers how and why they farm the way they do.

Brenny: One of these ways we’ve done it on our farm is by hosting virtual fieldtrips. We started this with an introduction to agriculture classroom near Oklahoma City. These students have never been on a farm, but were able to come to Minnesota, were actually able to see a calf being born through the use of technologies. Farmers use technology everyday and it’s about data and how do you continue to use that data to improve, and then how do we use that data to actually show consumers what we are doing, and how we do it is good for our environment, good for our animals and good for their dinner plate.

Clements: Brenny says work by AFBF and other agriculture groups helps boost technology on the farm.

Brenny: It all starts here in Washington, D.C. Helping our elected officials understand that technology is needed on our farms and ranches and how can we make that possible. Faster broadband, or if it’s just different tools that can help with some of the rules and regulations that they are going to put in place and letting them see and understand how that does affect us back home on the farms and ranches, but yet, is also helpful here in Washington, D.C. 

Clements: Micheal Clements, Washington.

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