Trump Offers Shared Goals with Agriculture for 2018

Podcast / Newsline February 1, 2018

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Clements:  President Donald Trump and farmers and ranchers have many shared priorities for 2018, following the State of the Union address earlier this week. American Farm Bureau Federation director of advocacy and political affairs, Cody Lyon says President Trump touched on many topics important to farmers and ranchers.

Lyon: We are very pleased that the president spent a good deal of time focusing on the need for infrastructure improvement, very pleased as well with the focus on regulatory reform. We’ll continue to look at what the administration and Congress want to do with immigration reform and trade, which continue to be very important, especially as we move towards a farm bill.

Clements: He says infrastructure provides a critical role for agriculture, and repairs are needed to the nation’s aging system.

Lyon: Infrastructure is very important to make sure that the flow of the commodities that are grown and raised are able to be turned into food, or turned into fuel, or transported. Roads, railways, locks and dams, waterways--all of them become very crucial to us to make sure that we can move product.

Clements: AFBF is creating an advocacy blog where farmers and ranchers can follow policy items, including infrastructure and the 2018 farm bill discussion, throughout 2018. Lyon says the blog will focus on the importance of getting involved.

Lyon: Whether its something that’s brought up in the news by the president, by members of Congress, that touch on Farm Bureau’s important issues, we want to make sure we provide a commentary on that. And as well as provide new trends that we’re seeing for our members and others to really be effective whenever they want to influence and advocate their lawmakers.

Clements: This coverage and much more can be found at Micheal Clements, Washington.

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