Updated Food and Farm Facts Book Available Now

Podcast / Newsline August 8, 2017

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An updated book by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture offers a look at agriculture and food facts. Micheal Clements has more.

Clements: Did you know that each American farm produces, on average, enough food and fiber for 165 people each year? That’s one of the items featured in the new Food and Farm Facts book by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. The book offers consumers a look at facts about farming and food production. Editor of Food and Farm Facts, Cyndie Shearing of the American Farm Bureau Federation, says it helps answer a lot of questions consumers have about their food.

Shearing: The 32 page Food and Farm Facts book is full color and it features updated facts and easy to read infographics that can be used in a variety of different ways to help increase agricultural literacy. And Food and Farm Facts helps answer the questions such as how do farmers and ranchers care for farm animals, where does your food dollar go, where does our food come from and who grows it.

Clements: She says the book helps fulfill a need of providing consumers the information they want about their food.

Shearing: Farm Bureau puts out Food and Farm Facts because we know that consumers have a lot of questions about their food that they eat and where it comes from. So, we’re hoping to answer that by providing information in an easy to use format with colorful illustrations about today’s farmers and what they’re doing on their farms and ranches.

Clements: The book, along with other resources, is available now.

Shearing: You can order online at the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture’s website, and, it’s very simple to order. You can take a look at what’s available and the different products and get what you need and we hope that everyone will take a look and order today.

Clements: The book is available online on the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture website at www.agfoundation.org. Micheal Clements, Washington.

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