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The goal of FB Advocacy is simple: Increase Farm Bureau's effectiveness and visibility as the national ADVOCATE for farmers and ranchers.

The strength of FB Advocacy is Farm Bureau members who unite to speak out on issues of concern for the nation’s farmers and ranchers, rural Americans and consumers

Beginning at the grassroots level and involving Farm Bureau members’ advocacy efforts across the country, all of agriculture speaks with one voice through FB Advocacy.

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It’s Time to Bury the Death Tax – Permanently

Estate taxes are a pressing problem for family-owned farms and ranches. Approximately 90 percent of farm and ranch assets are illiquid assets, such as land, buildings and equipment, which leaves few options when it comes to generating cash to pay an estate tax. A repeal of the death tax will allow the family business to continue without having to sell land, livestock or equipment to pay the taxes. Learn more about Estate Taxes.

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Regulatory Reform Now

All Americans, including farmers and ranchers, need a regulatory system that is fair. The House has passed an omnibus regulatory reform bill, H.R. 5. Learn more about regulatory reform

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