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For our families and yours.

Getting Results in 2022

The ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially from the supply chain disruptions, have affected nearly every sector, leaving many farmers, suppliers, manufacturers, retail outlets and consumers frustrated. Then there are the twists and turns that come with being a farmer or rancher – weather challenges, regulations, trade disputes and volatile markets, to name a few. Through it all, Farm Bureau proudly works on behalf of the families who keep our pantries stocked, the shirts on our backs and the biofuel in our cars. Key to our success are the thousands of farmers and ranchers across all 50 states and in Puerto Rico who actively participate in our grassroots policy development process and engage with their representatives in Congress and policymakers at all levels. When Farm Bureau put out the call to action on a proposal to eliminate stepped-up basis, thousands of farmers and ranchers made sure their lawmakers knew how important that provision is to help ensure we can pass our farms along to the next generation. The next generation: for many of us, that’s what farming is all about. We take great care to make sure our farm is in better shape for the next generation than when we received it. We’ve always done so, but now we’re talking about it a lot more, and implementing new solutions to protect the land and water we rely on for our lives and our livelihoods.

As you’ll see in this Impact Report, Farm Bureau’s work goes well beyond policy issues. We’re committed to engaging the next generation of farmers and helping them develop as leaders. We encourage rural entrepreneurs solving real-world agriculture problems through the Ag Innovation Challenge and we jump at the chance to give back to those in need through the Harvest for All program and many other initiatives. As a Farm Bureau leader reading the 2021 Impact Report, I hope you are proud of your organization’s accomplishments, and I thank you for all your work to get us here. To our partners and supporters, I look forward to finding ways we can have an even larger impact together. For those of you not involved in Farm Bureau, consider the Impact Report your personal invitation to join us.

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The American Farm Bureau Federation proudly presents the 2022 Impact Report, an in-depth look at accomplishments over the past year.


Grassroots Advocacy & Engagement

Active and engaged farmers and ranchers are the power behind the American Farm Bureau Federation. Our influence is unmatched when state and county Farm Bureaus and grassroots members unite with us to advocate for public policies that advance agriculture and strengthen rural communities. Their voices are also critical to telling agriculture’s story at a time when the public is more curious than ever about where their food comes from.

Since our founding in 1919, AFBF has been defined by a true grassroots policy development process. Every January, farmer and rancher delegates set AFBF’s formal policy agenda after deliberation on and anticipation of the challenges and opportunities facing agriculture in the coming year.

Farm Bureau is the leading voice of farmers in Washington, DC, and our work goes well beyond policy issues. We’re committed to engaging and developing the next generation of farm leaders, encouraging rural entrepreneurs, and giving back to our communities.

— AFBF President Zippy Duvall

Member Development

AFBF provides intensive leadership development and effective outreach training, strengthening the ability of farmers and ranchers to connect with their communities and elected leaders.

Community Engagement and Enrichment

AFBF’s programs and initiatives enrich the rural communities where grassroots members live and work.

Farm Bureau Gives Back

The spirit of farm communities has always been one of working together and giving back. Across the Farm Bureau family, our members rise to meet the challenges facing their communities. Volunteers at the county, state and national level give time and resources to provide meals, help rebuild from disasters, and offer support to those in need.

Collaborations Across the Agriculture Community

Connecting with important communities across the nation

The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture

The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture strives to build awareness, understanding and a positive perception of agriculture through education. The Foundation offers a variety of fun and engaging standards-based programs and activities at all grade levels for educators, volunteers and families.