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About #StillFarming

The COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns in March 2020 caused disruptions to the food supply chain, resulting in empty grocery shelves in parts of the country. When alarmed Americans resorted to panic purchasing, AFBF created the #StillFarming social media campaign to build public confidence in farmers’ and ranchers’ ability to produce food and reassure consumers of the strength of the U.S. food supply.

Support the Movement

photo credit: AFBF

Building on its popularity and recognizing the dramatic increase in hunger in America brought on by the pandemic, AFBF created #StillFarming to Feed America T-shirts and committed to donating all profits. Half will be donated to Feeding America, the country’s largest hunger relief organization, and half of the profits will go to the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture.

Join the Conversation

#StillFarming has reached nearly 100 million people across the digital landscape, building confidence in the U.S. food supply and trust in farmers and ranchers by sharing the challenges they are overcoming to feed America and the world.

From our family to our medical practice, my family is still on the frontlines as we feed and care for our community.

- Matt Niswander, Tennessee cattleman and family nurse practitioner

We remain committed to providing safe and healthy food for neighbors near and far.

- Amy France, Kansas crop and beef farmer

We continue to press on, animals still need care, crops still need to be harvested and families still need food.

- Jenny Holtermann, California almond grower

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