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PAL - Partners in Advocacy Leadership

Building strong advocates

The American Farm Bureau Federation created the Partners in Advocacy Leadership (PAL) program to create advocates for agriculture and accelerate personal development for engaged members of our organization. The program is made possible by sponsorships from Syngenta, Farm Credit, and Merck Animal Health.

My passion for agriculture has always been strong. However, now I feel like I have the skills and the knowledge to put that passion into words that I can share with farmers and non-farmers alike.

- Graduate, PAL Class 5

The PAL program focuses on taking farmers and ranchers, age 30 to 45, who have already begun their personal development journey and moving them to the next level. The two-year program offers a high-level, executive-type curriculum that provides participants with unique opportunities to represent agriculture in the media, on speaking circuits or in testimonial arenas. Program graduates are prepared to step forward and promote issues important to those in the farm-to-consumer food chain.

Each state may submit two applicants who will be evaluated on their knowledge of agriculture issues, leadership desire and the extent to which they offer leadership potential for agriculture’s future. A panel of qualified judges will select a group of finalists who will be interviewed and ranked based upon these interviews. The top finalists will be named as candidates for PAL, with the remaining finalists named as alternates.

The American Farm Bureau Federation’s Partners in Advocacy Leadership (PAL) program is designed to help today’s agricultural leaders accelerate their engagement abilities and solidify their role as ADVOCATEs for agriculture. The PAL program equips agricultural leaders with executive-level skills to become effective advocates in their communities, their agricultural organizations and in government.

Life as you know it will change from your experience of being a PAL. It is something that equips you, with networking, with relationships, with knowledge and experiences that will change your life.

- Adam Hinton, PAL Class 7

PAL graduates emerge with the expertise and confidence—in everything from legislative policy-making and issues management to social media and media relations—to effectively engage all critical stakeholders.

For more information about the rules or application, email