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Issues  Legislative Priorities for the 114th Congress, 1st Session

The following is a list of grassroots campaign and priority issues for the 114th Congress, 1st Session, adopted by the AFBF Board of Directors at the AFBF Annual Meeting in San Diego, California.

If you have any questions regarding the priority issues, please contact Valeria Zavala, Director, Legislative Services, valeriaz@fb.org, (202) 406-3680.


Farm Bureau Priority Issues


Top Tier

Top-Tier Strategic Action Plan issues and goals will be the focus of intensive, cross-functional collaboration and strategic planning.

Biotechnology: Protect farmers’ ability to use biotech plant varieties and other innovative technologies.

Clean Water Act: Oppose expansion of federal jurisdiction under the Clean Water Act.

Endangered Species Act: Advance legislation that reforms the Endangered Species Act to balance needs of species with economic concerns and impacts on farmers and ranchers.

Immigration: Advance legislation that addresses agriculture’s long- and short-term labor needs.


Watch List

Watch-list issues will be monitored for developments that warrant increased strategic planning and cross-functional collaboration.

Business Tax Reform: Advance legislation that reduces the tax burden on farmers and ranchers and extends tax provisions that are valuable to agriculture.

Energy: Support policy that enhances the availability and affordability of energy resources for agriculture and encourages the growth of renewable energy production from farm sources.

Farm Bill Implementation: Work for timely and effective implementation of the 2014 farm bill and oppose measures that would reopen the farm bill.

Farm Economy: Support steps to mitigate the impacts of a downturn in the price of farm products and support agricultural profitability.

Trade: Achieve the successful conclusion and congressional approval of trade agreements and other measures to expand global markets for U.S. agricultural exports.


Other Issues