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FARM BILL: The farm bill is too important to delay!

WHAT IS HAPPENING: On November 16, 2023, President Biden signed a continuing resolution into law, ensuring the federal government's funding. This legislation is also a one-year extension of the 2018 farm bill.


Few pieces of legislation are more significant than the farm bill when it comes to helping farmers and ensuring our food system is secure. It’s often stated that food security is national security.

Farming is a difficult and risky business, yet critical to the well-being of our nation.

The farm bill is essential for farmers and ranchers, as it ensures funding for risk management tools for farmers

The comprehensive package also ensures: our nation’s food supply remains secure; access to nutrition for low-income families; availability of conservation programs; trade development and investments in agricultural research.

Lawmakers need to quickly pass the fiscal year 2024 funding bills, paving the way for the approval of a farm bill, tax issues, and a resolution to interstate commerce impacted by California’s Prop 12.

While an extension was necessary, Congress is running out of time to write a new bill. With a presidential election in 2024, lawmakers must focus on a new five-year farm bill now.


Write to your lawmakers today and tell them to support the farm bill and ask for its swift passage.



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