AFBF Chief Economist to Retire

October 17, 2017 | Newsline

American Farm Bureau Federation chief economist Bob Young will retire this month. Micheal Clements has more.
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Budget Passage Critical for Tax Reform

October 12, 2017 | Newsline

Congress must pass a budget in order to consider tax reform. Micheal Clements has more.
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Ag Community Relief Helping Farmers Impacted by Wildfires

October 10, 2017 | Newsline

A new organization is helping farmers across the nation, including those affected by wildfires in Montana. Micheal Clements has more.
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Farm Bureau Video: Farmers Squashed by Labor Shortage

October 10, 2017 | Newsroom

Without access to an adequate and stable workforce, many farmers are being forced to leave fresh produce to rot in the fields. Farmers and ranchers across the country are calling for long-overdue reform to the current guest worker visa program that would create flexibility and provide stability in the agricultural workforce.
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Ag Community Relief Raising Funds for Barbed Wire Fencing for Montana

October 6, 2017 | Newsroom

Thousands of miles of barbed wire fence was destroyed in Montana this past summer due to one of the worst wildfire seasons on record. With millions of acres burned, Ag Community Relief has established the "Western Wire Roundup" in effort to help western ranchers rebuild.
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AFBF Host of Trade Meeting in Washington, D.C.

October 5, 2017 | Newsline

The American Farm Bureau Federation played host to a meeting on trade earlier this week in Washington, D.C. Micheal Clements has more.
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Enhancing Entrepreneurship a Farm Bureau Focus

October 5, 2017 | Newsroom

Dr. Lisa Benson, director of rural development at the American Farm Bureau Federation, today described to the House Small Business Agriculture, Energy and Trade Subcommittee the organization’s focus on programs to enhance entrepreneurship.
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Puerto Rico Agriculture Devastated by Hurricane Maria

October 3, 2017 | Newsline

Puerto Rico farmers are facing total losses after two hurricanes ravaged the island. Micheal Clements has more.
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Farmers, Ranchers Ready for Long-overdue Immigration Reform

October 2, 2017 | Newsroom

The following statement may be attributed to American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall:
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Tax Reform Package the First Step Towards Tax Relief

September 28, 2017 | Newsline

The tax reform framework announced this week is the first step towards providing tax relief to farmers and ranchers. Micheal Clements has more.
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