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Progressive Farmer: American Farm Bureau Federation Focused on Farm Bill, Ag Labor Challenges

photo credit: AFBF Photo by Dylan Davidson

The American Farm Bureau Federation wants Congress to pass a new farm bill with a stronger safety net, as well as pass immigration ag labor reforms.

Both the farm bill and immigration now are directly tied to the gridlock that has overtaken Congress at the start of a presidential election year. A key member of the House Agriculture Committee, for instance, sees the farm-bill debate carrying into 2025.

The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) kicked off its 105th annual meeting Sunday in Salt Lake City.

Zippy Duvall, a Georgia farmer and president of AFBF, stressed in his opening speech the importance of rallying producers this year to push Congress to complete its work on the farm bill.

During his speech, Duvall called for members to pick up postcards at the convention and send them to lawmakers as a "call to action."

"We have to send a resounding message to Congress to deliver a new farm bill for our farms and our country," Duvall said.

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