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AFBF Urges EPA to Prioritize Sound Science in Pesticide Decisions



Mike Tomko

Director, Communications

photo credit: Arkansas Farm Bureau, used with permission.

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall commented today on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) announcement that the agency is revoking all tolerances for the pesticide chlorpyrifos.

“Farmers and ranchers care deeply about the quality of our crops - nothing is more important than producing safe, nutritious food. So, we must be guided by the most reliable determinant of safety, which is science. This administration has repeatedly made commitments to abide by science, yet the EPA decision on chlorpyrifos strays from that commitment and takes away an important tool to manage pests and insects. We urge EPA officials not to make determinations on pesticides outside of the regular registration review process already underway. The integrity of the registration review process and commitment to using sound science must be prioritized in a decision of such far-reaching consequences.”

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